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FINALS - SATURDAY APRIL 16 @ 6:30 pm and 9 pm



Dear 10 Minute Play Contest Participants:

So I added up all the points/votes for the 2 Finals show last night....

and I was stunned.  My eyes started to spin.  I checked the numbers again.  It was crazy.  Never in our history of over doing well over 25 competitions has anything like this ever happened before...

3 of the plays TIED for first place.  THREE!!

One of the things that is important to me about these competitions is that we are 1,000,000% honest.  And that we play 1,000,000% by the rules we set out in our competition guideline file. I see things that go on at other competitions that are simply dishonest, or loose, or not given enough attention, so that the outcome, the winner, sometimes doesn't quite add up right. 

I can't have that here. Being $1,000,000% honest is the only way we can be, if not I just can't sleep at night and I might as well give all this up. 

So I sat there in the office in shock. In the guideline file there was no clause for a tie, where the Artistic Director would then make the choice.  It simply states that the 1 play that gets the most points for the 2 FINALS PERFORMANCES will win.  We had THREE plays with the most points!  

So I made a choice.  The numbers, the crowd-sourced opinion spoke and said something CLEARLY, and the numbers don't lie and the numbers are what make this solely crowd-sourced competition so interesting and so HONEST.  

And the real numbers - the real crowd-sourced opinion is  what helps me sleep at night knowing I did the right thing.  

So we had THREE winners for this 10 Minute Play Contest - who will split the $250 prize.

Echoes by Thomas Michael Quinn
Forget Me Not by Gerry Glennon
The Interview by Joyce Alayon

Congrats to the Winners, and congrats to all of you for having the courage and the commitment and the balls to create.

I talked with many of you at the after party last night and I have been thinking about this all day and thinking about what is important here at Manhattan Rep and in the world today.

 The choice we make to be transparently honest here at Manhattan Rep (even if it might look bad to some) - is really about creating Community. It's about nurturing respect and trust.  Bottom line, it is about the love for all of you who work so hard creating your art and then place your faith in us to help you bring it to the stage in this Contest context or in any context here. So we will ALWAYS do our best to be crazy crazy honest, and crazy anal about doing the right things, so your art can manifest and SHINE!
 And ... so I can SNORE soundly at night. 
Thanks again for being here presenting your work.  It was a total pleasure and great fun working with you all.

Hope to see you soon in our little Creative Community.

With best regards,

Ken Wolf

Artistic Director

Manhattan Repertory Theatre

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