Creativity #16 - A TIME TO WRITE

When is the best time for you to write?  

Mornings? Are you a morning person?  

Are you awake and excited at 5 am and ready to hit the keyboard?

Late nights? Are you wide awake and inspired at Midnight and do you like to write into the wee hours of the morning?

When is the best time for you to write? Think about it. This is important. When do you write your best work? When more often does your writing just flow? That is your magic time.

Answer that question, and then go and pencil in an appointment in your calendar to write at least 5 days a week during that time! MAKE THE APPOINTMENT! BOOK YOURSELF! This is soooooo important!  MAKE AN APPOINTMENT TO WRITE at the best time for you to write. And then, keep those appointments, no matter what.

Now we have talked about LEVERAGE to get you to write consistently (REASONS WHY YOU HAVE TO DO THIS NOW! i.e. Important deadline for a play competition or Festival or If I don't finish this play by X, I will have to give my 3 best friends $100 each.) So schedule a time during your best time to write with some LEVERAGE on yourself!!! DO IT NOW! 

When you merge LEVERAGE with an appointment at the best time for your to write, watch your writing and your productivity soar.

ASK YOURSELF THE QUESTION: When is the best time for me to write?  

Make those appointments, find some good reasons why,

and create some magic!

Ken Wolf