Creativity # 13 - WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE?

What do you believe about your abilities as an artist? Do you believe that you can write something that's unique? Do you believe that you're a great actor and you can embody any role given to you? Do you believe that your art is special and that there is no one else on this planet with your talent?


In my experience with working with writers and actors the biggest problem that they have is their lack of belief in their amazing artistic abilities. Let me paraphrase what Henry Ford that once said "If you think you can or  think you can't, YOU'RE RIGHT!" In my experience, this is so true.

If you believe you're not a good actor, you'll be a bad actor. If you believe you can't write or you're always blocked, you will make that happen too. This is not new to any of us.

But how do we change these negative viewpoints of ourselves so that we can excel in our writing, in our acting and in our art?

The first step is to notice what you habitually think about yourself.

Do you constantly put yourself down?

Do you judge the heck out of yourself?

Do you demand better performance? Better results, if not you're a failure?

We have all been there.

But now, if you're serious about getting your art out into the world, you need to throw that mess away. When it comes up, simply say to that part of you "Thank you for sharing. I'm a great artist." Do this every single time those judgments and those negative questions arise - simply say to that part of you "Thank you for sharing! I'm a great artist." Be relentless about it. Throw your judgments out the friggin' window!

Make a commitment to yourself that you will not judge yourself or your art as good or bad.  You will just do your very best every day!  

The process of getting your art produced and out there is often challenging so you don't need YOURSELF getting in the way!

Commit today to loving yourself and your art in new way, and see what happens!

Ken Wolf