Creativity #19 - Make a Map!

Sometimes the writing just flows, and you need to follow it. But more, often than not, there are speed bumps along the way, and you might feel lost or without direction. So you sit and stare at the computer screen, praying for inspiration...

When one is lost in life, one uses a map, either on one's phone, or one of those big old foldable ones. The same applies with your writing. Without a map of your play, your screenplay or your novel, it is EASY to get lost searching for inspiration, or just the next line. So in order to get more done and bring your work to completion more often, YOU NEED TO MAKE A MAP of your project.  YES, MAKE A MAP!

It can be an outline, or a scene by scene synopsis, or a 100 word paragraph that illustrates your story arc.  It can be anything that WORKS FOR YOU! But making a map before you write will speed you down the right writing path and you will be more productive, and hence, a lot happier.

When I am clear on the story I am telling, when I know where I am going, I write like a madman. When I am caught in the fog of ambiguity, my writing is slow, unspecific and dull. The reality is: You can't get to where you want to go quickly if you don't know the road you need to drive on in order to get there. 

So make a map of your writing project. TAKE THE TIME TO DO IT, and then use it, and you will save more time than you could ever imagine, and most importantly, it will get you where you want to go!

Ken Wolf