Creativity #23 - USE YOUR HANDS!

So I am a tech guy. I love tech. Anything that can help me be more productive and write better is great! I just love Tech!!

But sometimes tech just gets in the way. It can be a disconnect or an added step in the way of channelling your best writing or your best ideas! Sitting at your keyboard, staring at the same screen night after night often doesn't fire off any new creative synapis!

Years ago, I had a Summer Beach house with 10 Animal House guys from Philly. When we weren't drinking heavily, and I needed to write, I would take a pad and pen, and a Miller High Life beer and walk down by the bay. I would find a big rock or a bench on the dock and I would sit and write for hours long hand - no cell phone writing, (God I didn't even own a computer then!)  It was a crazy wonderful time for me, "sitting on the dock of the bay, watching the tide roll away" while passionately scribbling longhand my first one man show, THE ACTOR CHRONICLES!

Now I write mostly on my phone and computer, but sometimes when I am feeling uninspired I will grab a pen and paper and go to the roof of my building where you can see the Hudson River and I write LONGHAND. There is something uniquely immediate about writing longhand, something which helps my flow and creativity 10 fold. 

So if you are feeling uninspired, grab a pad and pen and find your "Dock on the bay" and see what happens!

Ken WolfComment