Creativity #20 - STUCK? Workshop it!

There is no STUCK in life. Stuck is simply your inability to decide to do something new and to take action on it.

I hear it all the time from playwrights: "Well I'm writing this new piece but I'm kind of stuck." "It was going really well but all of a sudden it just stopped flowing so I am feeling kind of stuck."

Been there, right?

Yeah, we all have. But it is bullshit! The biggest bullshit on earth. The biggest POOP EXCUSE IN THE UNIVERSE!

Read the first paragraph of this blog post. Read it again.

Got it? Stop with the stories.

A great thing to do if you're stuck on the completion of your play is to workshop a scene or short part of your play that might feel complete on its own. There are many theaters around town that actually do evenings of short new plays, with no submission fee or any sort of fees for the playwright/producer. MANHATTAN REP offers our semi monthly EVENTS where playwrights put together new short plays  and we present them for two evenings and boy, is it fun, and boy, do playwrights learn about their work!  Today, more than ever, there are so many opportunities to workshop your play, to get it out of your head and shared!

So you're feeling stuck? Stop telling yourself stupid stories and do something new. Workshop your play or a piece of your play - it doesn't have to cost you anything at all if you rehearse in your living room!

Stop with the STUCK BS and do something new!!!!

Ken Wolf