CREATIVITY #27 - Great Dialogue is Powered by the Plot!

I see this all the time in new plays. I will see quirky funny humorous dialogue, but I'll see a plot that just kind of sits there on the stage. The best dialogue is dialogue that powers the play. Yes, really fun clever dialogue is great, but if it doesn't serve the overall through line of the play, it just sucks.

Try this: make a map or plot out your play from beginning to the end. What is the through line? What is the major problem which powers your play? What is the main character fighting for? Get so clear on this, get so clear on THE PROBLEM and the dialogue will fly and be congruent with your characters and the through line of your play. Clever dialogue sucks if it doesn't power the play, no matter how clever it is. You may love it, but if it doesn't power your play, the audience won't care.

Ken Wolf1 Comment