CREATIVITY #29 - Procrastination Can Be A Good Thing!


A common belief is that procrastination is a bad thing. But in terms of writing and creativity, sometimes procrastination is just what you need to do.

"What? I have to finish this play!!!"


Sometimes when you're working, especially for long periods of time, your "creative self" is just plain exhausted, so you will procrastinate on completing your play or novel because there's nothing left in you to continue in the creative process.

Short - Term procrastination is actually good. It is time to rest and refuel so you can get on with your work.

Long-Term procrastination is LAZINESS. If you find yourself procrastinating for longer than a week, you need to get off your ass and get to work.

Less than a week of procrastination, especially after a long productive spell of writing is fine. Enjoy it. Even make it fun. Call it your "vacation" if you like. But don't beat yourself up for not writing, for "procrastinating" if it is a week or less.  

If you let yourself do productive procrastination, when you return to your writing, I am sure you will be inspired, refreshed, and your creativity will rock!

Ken Wolf