CREATIVITY #26 - Commit!

You can write, write, write to your heart's content but how do you finish your play and get it produced? How to you take it to the NEXT LEVEL?  How do you get yourself to go the extra NINE yards and get your play off the page and on its feet in REALITY?

YOU COMMIT TO IT! And not just to yourself, (for as you know that doesn't work that well, just look at your New Year's Resolutions for the last 10 years!)  Commit to it by making a commitment to your friends and family. And be clear and specific!

Tell your family that you will have your play done by the end of the month, and that you would like to have a family reading of it on the first Sunday of next month!  

Tell your friends that you will give them $100 each if you don't submit your play to 10 theaters and/or theatre festivals in the next month.  

Go put down a deposit on a theatre space (even if it is only for one night) and hire a director to direct it! Take some action that is accountable to people you care about!  BUT DO SOMETHING! Get your play OFF the page! Take the next step AND be accountable to friends and family.

Now this is not fun, but its real. Another way to get creative and productive fast, is to look around you. Life is ephemeral. It is finite and it goes by quickly.  If you have dream project, start now, for shit happens and suddenly there may be a screwed up reason why you will never be able to complete it.

Recently, TWO family members have been dealing with severe health issues that appeared out of nowhere.  Hopefully, they will come out on the other side, alive and still kicking, but I have to tell you, it has freaked me out. The EPHEMERAL-NESS of life has SMACKED me in the face, and I know I personally need to move faster and work smarter to bring my passion projects to life... before it is too late.  I know that sounds fatalistic, but its not. It is looking at life and its antagonist squarely in the eyes. It's looking at what is true - that life changes, sometimes really fast.

So commit to your writing, your creativity and your life.  Do it today!

Ken Wolf