Creativity #1 - On Creativity, Writing, Playmaking and more!

So what the heck is CREATIVITY?

I call it my "SUPER POWER." 

It has been referred to as an often lost, "Best Friend."

Still others call it the "Master Key to All Riches." 

And I have been known to refer to it in my playwriting classes as the "God Force Manifested."

We have all been there in that creative space and it is MAGIC. It is what keeps many of us writing even when we feel blocked and uncreative  - we want to go back there where magic flows from our pen, our yellow legal pad, our computer, our tablet or our Iphone. (I have done my best work on my Iphone.)

The vehicle for creative expression doesn't matter - be it music, or acting, writing or in business. Authentic creativity resonates whether it is ADELLE singing, the written work of Tennesee Williams, or your last performance on stage!

AUTHENTIC CREATIVITY HOWLS!!! It wakes people up, it moves them, excites them, sometime scares them and occasionally, it actually changes them. Authentic Creativity can be transformational for the "audience" and creator alike. It is sexy, raw, and magical.

Starting today, and at least twice a week for the next year, please join me as I explore the many various paths and techniques to authentically create from, to get to that MAGIC place. There is no one road to anywhere so I will be bringing you my perspective as to what can work, as well as myriad of other methods for writing and creating from writers and artists from all over the world and thru out the ages.

And I invite you to contribute also - WHEN WHERE WHY HOW do you produce your most authentic crazy wonderful creative work?

Write me

With "CREATIVITY" in the subject heading and I will post your ideas and creative methodologies.


So why the hell am I doing this?

I want to live more fully in my creative magical space. The past couple of years I have been caught up in the mechanics of an often challenging life, and it's time to live again more fully as an artist and writer. So this process of exploring with you is sure to inspire me to at least start writing plays again on my Iphone and taking some new risks as a performer! (My last play was my one man one dog show: DAD AND THE DOG.) Accountability is the one thing that I know motivates me. If I commit to a group, things happen.

So please come with me on a hopefully MAGICAL ride,

and let's see what we can discover and create!


With best regards.

Ken Wolf

Artistic Director (and sometimes Creative Mensch)

Manhattan Repertory Theatre

Ken Wolf