Creativity #2 - Write, Write, Write, Write, Wait, Wait, then Edit!

Writing and editing are two different things and each has a different thought process connected to it.

Writing (or shall I say spewing or channeling) is said to be more right brained and feeling oriented while editing tends to be more analytical or left brained. I don't tend to believe all generalizations but there might be something here for I know when I am channeling something on to the page (or my phone) and it is good - I am in some sort of strange feeling state - it pours out of me as if someone else is writing it.

When I go back over the work and am in edit mode, it's tougher - I am thinking not feeling, also I am listening to the words to SEE if they sounds right.  (You can't see sounds except on paper or on comic books but I do it just the same.) Editing is always work for me but it's good work for when all is cut and reworked, I can get a sense of what I am writing and it is motivating. It makes me want to continue to the finish line.

Not finishing is the #1 bad habit for a writer.

The best process for me, and a number of people I have worked with is to WRITE WRITE WRITE WRITE WRITE, then take a break, (like go to bed and sleep or go for a long walk) and after some time, edit. I used to sleep with my pad and pen- now I sleep with my Iphone and when I awake I often look at what I wrote the night before and REWORK it (which is a much more motivating word than EDIT.)

So try it and see if it works for you.

A lot of the writers I have worked with are addicted to writing and editing at the same time and when they have forced themselves to write write write write write, long wait then EDIT, their overall writing output and subjective quality has improved 30 to 60%.

Give it a try and let me know. 

Ken Wolf