Creativity #4 - Take a Break!

Many moons ago, I believe it was DuPont that did a study of productivity and the "taking of breaks." They had 2 groups - 1 group took a ten minute break every hour in a break room where they could play ping pong, or video games, exercise or just chat with co-workers. The other group took a 1 hour lunch break. After 3 months, they compared the productivity of the two groups. The group that took a break for 10 minutes every hour were actually 30 to 40% more productive than the group that only took a lunch hour break .

So how does that apply to your writing, or the way you rehearse a play, or the way you manage your DAY JOB If you have one.

What if you could get 40% more done on a regular basis?

Take frequent breaks and see what happens....

But NOT if you are in the FLOW state  (that place where your writing and or creative task is flying out of you.) When you are in that magical creative flow state just KEEP GOING! Keep going until the flow stops! To hell with breaks as long as the GOOD STUFF is flying out of you - just keep going!

Taking a break to do something very different (like Yoga for 10 minutes, or watch 10 minutes of an old Bruce Lee Kung Fu movie) may actually stimulate your creativity for it will pop you out of your head and into your body or in the case of the Bruce Lee movie just into Fun mode. So play with different things you can do or watch during your breaks so it is just not about coffee or snacks.

Work easier. Maybe create more.
Give it a try!

Ken Wolf