Creativity # 8 - How to make Deadlines work for you when you are writing on your own!

Many of us hate deadlines. Deadlines are a drag. But deadlines actually help you get your work done. Good deadlines give us "leverage" to accomplish things we know we need to do

There are a couple kinds of deadlines. Some are good deadlines and some are bad. Good deadlines are ones that are connected with some sort of emotion where unless you meet this deadline, there is an emotional or monetary or "something" consequence.

A bad deadline is a deadline you set for yourself which has no consequence if you don't meet it i.e. "I want to have this play done by next Thursday" but there are no consequences if you don't get it done in time. So that type of deadline is usually dead in the water. It doesn't work. Stuff comes up in life, and your play doesn't get finished by next Thursday, and often not at all. 

When I first started writing plays I would actually book the theater where I was going to produce the play before I had even written the play. I had the idea for the play but no emotional leverage. As soon as I booked the space and knew that I had to write the play, if not I would lose my investment, I wrote the play quickly and remarkably, easily.

I had a compelling reason to finish my play, so I got the work done! 

Since then I always book at least first workshop space before I even start a play. It may seem crazy, but it works!

Here's the question for you:

How can you get some emotional or monetary or some sort of leverage so that you can complete more of your work?

You don't necessarily need to book a space. Maybe you can commit to five of your closet friends and family members that you will finish your play by the end of the month, if not you will pay them all $100 each! That might get you to find the time to finish it, yes?

ALWAYS find some good leverage when writing and watch your productivity soar!

Ken Wolf