Creativity # 9 - How to deal with "Writer's Block!"

So we have all been there. We sit down at our computers..... and we...  we start to type and.. well nothing much happens. We try to write some more.  We make ourselves speak our character's lines.... Ugh, it sounds like second grade. So we go and eat or have a Red Bull or do both. Maybe putting something in our body will help. No. Doesn't work. We just get all buzzed out and nauseous. Then we start to think we will never write this play, we start to put ourselves down, and curse the universe for letting us think we could actually write another play.  

So we turn on the TV and maybe eat some more. Then we open the wine.

"I have Writer's Block today." we think. "I will get to this tomorrow."




There is a cure for what we label "Writer's Block."

Here it is:  

On the days, or the writing sessions, when it just isn't flowing, even when you have a compelling WHY to complete your play... 


If your play is about Poland in 1953, search Poland and the time period. If you are doing a play about LOVE ADDICTION, search it and read case studies, personal accounts and more. If you are doing a play about the Civil Right's Movement in the 1960's, take the day and LEARN everything you can about that time and about what was happening, even if you did research earlier. There is always more to learn!

Ideas will come to you in this process - many of my students start writing right away! Others sit down the next day and the dialogue flies out of them with a new more specific perspective.

IF YOU FEEL YOU ARE BLOCKED, don't waste your writing time - RESEARCH!

And you will save money on Red Bull too!

Ken Wolf