Creativity # 10 - EMBRACE YOUR DEMONS!

It's not fun to write about your dark stuff, your demons, the secret thoughts, experiences and feelings that you don't want anyone to know about. But sometimes your dark stuff, your demons explored honestly and openly in your work will create not just good, but great theatre!

Years ago, I develop PTSD from training in yoga. Yeah, that's pretty nutty. Yoga is supposed to help you relax. As a trained, I remembered crazy scary things that I had stuffed into my unconscious from my childhood. And then over a period of about 4 weeks, I traumatized my nervous system with these old memories. At that point I could barely function. My body would cramp unexpectedly. I would shake and randomly sometimes somatically my body would fly around the room. It was crazy, dark and scary. I went to doctors and therapists but nobody really knew what it was - no one could help me!

So I filmed it, filmed everything in my process of trying to cure myself of this crazy affliction.

It took three years of hell but I cured myself 100% of my bizarre version of PTSD.

Two years later, I presented THE PEOPLE IN MY HIPS at Manhattan Rep candidly telling my story with real and very unattractive video of myself at that time. It was so dark, so scary, but such an important story to tell.

I receive incredible reviews the likes of which I had never known. (Check our Archives page on this site under THE PEOPLE IN MY HIPS for some of the reviews.)

It was different, raw and honest, and the telling and literal reliving of my story was groundbreaking and transformational. Like nothing I had ever written or produced.

It was a huge personal risk, but it paid off!

So what dark personal story needs to be told that you haven't had the courage yet to share?

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