Creativity #12 - STOP TWEAKING YOUR PLAY, and put it on its FEET!

The best thing a playwright can do to is put his or her play on its feet - get actors to memorize a scene, walk around, and embody the characters!

Seems like a lot of work? Yes, it is. But it is well worth it. When you see your characters embodied  by actors  - when you hear in reality not just in your head how they speak, you'll see things that are unbelievable. 

You can write a script but it doesn't really become a play until actors are walking around interacting, and until the director or the playwright works with the actors to fully understand the play and their roles. And tweaking your play ad infinitum at 1 am in the morning in the vacuum of your mind is nothing less than creative masturbation. Don't do that. It is a waste of your creative time.

Get off your ass and find some actor friends or even hire some actors to bring one of the scenes in your play to life, and it will transform your writing moving forward. Absolutely!

Get your play out of your head!!!

Ken Wolf