Creativity #5 - Feel Outside the Box!

Thinking can be limiting for it is often based on your knowledge base, personal history and your left brained thinking (if there really is such a thing - we will talk about that in a future post.)

But what would happen if you used your Feelings instead of your "THINKING" when working on a creative project?

What the HECK am I talking about?

I REMEMBER writing what became a long disturbing monologue in one of my plays. The character,  a woman, was opening up about how she was sexually abused by her father. I personally, in my recollection have had no experience with sexual abuse so at one level I couldn't write this from personal experience  - but I do have Emotional Creativity.

I thought and charted out in my mind about what specifically happened and how, and then I asked the Question: "What if it happened to me? What did it look, sound and feel like moment by moment?" I put myself there emotionally, totally and I wrote and wrote - the words flew out of me as I wept and shook and cried like a baby! Oh God Oh God Oh God!

I finished and saved the file, slept my computer and went and watched TV, planning to read and edit it the next day.

The next day, I was amazed at what I had written. It was unique and specific, and oh so crazy good.

How can you use your emotional creativity to FEEL OUTSIDE OF THE BOX?

Ken Wolf