Creativity # 6 - WHY? WHY? WHY?

Why are you writing that play?

So you are writing a really fun play with really wonderful characters, and snappy dialogue. GREAT! 

But WHY the heck are you writing that play?

What is the major point of your play? What are you saying? What you trying to change?  What statement are you making about the human condition?

I see so many plays with great dialogue and interesting situations but they don't move me.  They don't inspire me to do or think about anything.

I am not saying that every play needs a message, but the BIG PICTURE WHY of your play, if compelling to you, will possibly bring your play to another level.

Now it doesn't have to be a "change the world type of thing."  It could be "Why can't couples learn to talk about things?" Or "What's funny about dysfunctional relationships and how can we make them better?"

A really compelling "WHY" might propel your play to the next level!

Give it a whirl!

Ken Wolf