Creativity # 7 - Learn to love CONFUSION!

I once had a teacher many moons ago who told me that confusion is a good thing.
A good thing? How can confusion be a good thing? It doesn't feel good. It feels horrible. It feels all wrong.

Yuk! Ugh! Blah! Nasty!

Here it is now probably 20 years later, and I KNOW that confusion is a good thing. It just doesn't feel like a good thing at the time.

When you're confused you're about 1 inch away from breakthrough and breakthrough is what we all need in terms of our writing and in terms of our lives. So if you're confused, just try staying confused. Relish in being confused. Write confusing dialogue. Be so confused that you don't even know what to do. Just let yourself be confused because when you're confused you're an inch away from breakthrough!


Trust me it's taken me 20 years, but I KNOW now it's true.

Sit with it!

Feel it!

Love your confusion!


Ken Wolf