Creativity #30 - To get there - CHANGE THE SYSTEM of your LIFE!

A New Year? What are you going to do about it?

Every New Year we get that "THIS YEAR IS GOING TO BE DIFFERENT" thing going on in us. It's the New Year, time to do some things different so that we can be happier, healthier and more successful. So we set some crazy fun goals, and as the New Year begins, we go about taking action to achieve those goals. We are passionate usually through January... And then maybe we are not getting the results we needs, we can't find the time to write, or create, so we slowly get demotivated and often, we move right back into our old patterns of running our lives.

SO WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED? How can we really go about achieving some big goals for the New Year?

The biggest problem most people in this day and age face is that "THE SYSTEM of their lives, does not support A CREATIVE LIFE. Many of us have DAY JOBS, or TWO DAY JOBS, family commitments, and a myriad of distractions which just GET IN THE WAY. So often, when we are not achieving our goals, it is because THE SYSTEM of our lives is not supporting the process of achieving our goals.

So to finally get where we want to go, we first must tackle THE SYSTEM OF OUR LIVES.

Here are some questions:


How is your day job geting in the way of your creative life? How can you change your day job or HOW can you change how your day job is set up so that you can support your creative life more and get where you want to go? How can you limit distractions at work so you can actually get more done at work and not have to take it home? How can you set up "Tech" systems at work so that you can automate some tasks that used to take up a lot of your time? Could you possibly work from HOME a couple days of the week and save on commute time?


How can you manage your family commitments so that you can have more time to support your creative life? Do you really need to spend 4 hours a week, cleaning and doing laundry? Who could you hire to pick up the slack and give you some more time for your creative life? Can you trade off with your spouse on your family commitments - or maybe hire a Nanny? Maybe you could look at the week's commitments every Sunday night and set up a cohesive plan so that you and your spouse balance things out?


You can try to POWER THROUGH saying that you will work harder this year, but POWERING THROUGH simply leads to burn out. You need to sleep to work efficiently. You can't make time where there is no time. So you need to tackle the SYSTEM OF YOUR LIFE to GIVE YOURSELF TIME to be creative.

The late, great actor and acting coach Walt Witcover said: "You need to attend to your creative garden." And he is so right! You are an artist. YOU HAVE TO ATTEND TO YOUR CREATIVE LIFE. Otherwise, life sucks. That is just the way it is? Am I right?

So make some decisions on some BIG GOALS for 2015, but first make some decisions on how you are going to change THE SYSTEM OF YOUR LIFE so you can finally achieve those goals.

Ken Wolf