I'm a geek. I love software programs. I could tweak software and my MAC until the end of time. 

But if I do that I get nothing done.

Sometimes in the writing process it's a good idea to take a moratorium from technology. (It's funny right now I'm writing this on my phone.) Often when you get caught up in tweaking technology again and again it becomes just a way to avoid doing the work.

So, just for fun, write on paper (I have written about this before - paper writing can be magical for there is something special about using your hand to write that can stimulate creativity) or set up your computer so it is just in a text editor mode and commit to not tweaking or changing or doing anything to the program or the computer and just write for an hour or two. Shut off Facebook, Twitter and just write. 

And see what happens.

I have never been diagnosed as having ADD but I am pretty sure I am a good candidate for the letters. I am so easily distracted, it is silly. Out of nowhere I will be down a Rabbit Hole of distraction, way off from my appointed task. Sometimes I don't even know how I got to where I get to, and sometimes I even forget what I was originally doing! But I am working on it, because I have WATCHED myself over the last couple of months in the quest to discover all the ways that I become distracted, so now, I am beginning to see the Rabbit Holes before I fall into them. Technology for me is a huge Rabbit Hole, yet it is also one of the best ways for me to be productive, so most days I am walking a fine line. But because I have WATCHED myself, been WITNESS to my never diagnosed LETTER behavior, I am getting much more productive with my time.

I firmly believe you will get your best work done when you simply commit to doing the work and leave all the mechanics and distractions to the side.  Find a distraction free place, focus on your writing and be relentless!

So let me put this phone down now and start writing my next play!

Ken Wolf