Creativity #34 - when it is not flowing... SHIFT!

There are 10 Gazillion ways to create, but often we find ourselves using a workflow that has worked well in the past, even if it isn't creating good results in the present. Sometimes your creativity needs a jolt of new to get things flowing in a new way.

Here are some fun ideas to SHIFT and get your creativity flowing when all seems to have dried up.

1. Change your writing application. 

If you normally write in word or Final Draft, try using s simple text editor with minimal distractions. My favorite simple text editor on the MAC and IOS devices is BYWORD. It is a simple, easy to use, minimalistic text editor that can really get your writing done. It has no bells and whistles, but it is simple and gets the job done and it syncs to ICLOUD abd DROPBOX beautifully, so you can use it on all of your writing devices. Give it a try!

2. Change your writing device. 

If you always work on your mac, try writing on your phone or your IPad, or pull out the trusty old yellow legal pad and write longhand. Shifting a habitual method of writing intake to another can, all of a sudden, power up new ideas and perspectives.

3. Change your environment. 

Yeah, get out of your bedroom and even get out of your apartment. Take your laptop and write in the Park, or Grand Central Station, or yes, even Starbucks. Changing your location will change your focus and good stuff might start manifesting.

Bottomline is this:

If your writing is not flowing, don't just sit and stare at your computer screen. SHIFT something!  Application, device or location, and you just might discover a brand new geyser of creativity.


Ken Wolf