Creativity #47 - Two Versions of the Same Play!


(For those of you who have not read my last post, please check it out before you read this.)

Last night, we closed the "New" Version of THE MATCH GAME and then we had our 10th ANNIVERSARY PARTY after the show. As we were sipping wine and chewing down on CARMINE'S amazing Italian food, I got a chance to chat with some friends and associates who came to see the show. As you know from my previous post, we had an actor leave the show due to a health issue, and we were unable to find an actor who could learn the part in time, so I rewrote the show, basically turning that character into a voiceover on the phone. I added in some kick ass music to help pace the show, and remarkably it worked! Not one person who attended saw that in effect it was a patchworked play, the reason being I actually strengthened the through line of and the pacing of the play by doing it this way. It was more streamlined, more direct, and in a way MORE FUN!

The bottomline is this. In terms of creativity ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE, if you let go of what was, what should be, perfection models and more, there is always a creative solution!! 


Now I have two valid and really fun versions of THE MATCH GAME.  One runs 2 hours and has 5 actors. One version runs 90 minutes and has 4 actors.



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