This is an opportunity for directors to show off their craft in an exciting new way with a really cool prize.

Each director participating in this challenge will be given the SAME 10 Minute generic script. Exactly the same script!  The script has dialogue written for three characters - they can be male, female, farmers, musicians, millionaires, anything, all depending upon what the director decides.  There is no setting, no time of day, nothing other than this semi-dramatic dialogue between 3 un-specified characters.  It is up to the director to  make all clear and create dramatic or comedic action.

Each Director Challenge "play" will be given a 15 minute Tech rehearsal, a full Dress rehearsal with the other Director Challenge plays and two performances.  Audience will vote for the best Director Challenge play by a 3,2,1 ballot - each audience member voting on their favorite 3 plays, 3 is the best, 2 is the second best and 1 is the 3rd best. At the end of two performances, the Director Challenge play with the highest numbers will win the Director Challenge! 


Director will be responsible for casting and for securing rehearsal space for this event.

We will provide a technician to run the sound and lights.

So if you are up for it and want to have some fun with your director skills, please send an email to:

and let us know you would like to participate in this event!

Once accepted there is a $30 commitment fee.