So you have a great play, and you want to take it to the next level, and you can't wait around any longer waiting for a theatre to option and present your play.

For a production fee, we will produce your play for you for 12 performances over 4 weeks!

We will work with you on the script if needed, cast your play, direct it, promote it, and bring it to amazing life in Midtown Manhattan at our theatre on West 45th St.

If you were to do it all yourself, it would probably cost you at least 40% more  to rent a theatre, hire actors and stage crew, but because we have a theatre, rehearsal space, a great team of actors and creators, and a production system that works, we can bring your play to life for substantially less and you will have an absolutely awesome 4 week run of your new play in Midtown Manhattan.


If your play is not a BIG costume or set show, we can put together your play for you for a little more than what it would cost you to RENT a theatre in Manhattan for 4 weeks!

For a Full - Length play with up to 8 characters:

Fee based on the play and the play's production requirements.  

Fee ranges from $12,000 and up depending upon the play length, and the requirements for your production.  

We are only seeking serious Playwright/Producers for this program.

Submit your play if you are interested and able to participate, and we will put together a  Production Fee for your full-Length play to be fully produced here for 12 performances over 4 weeks

If you are interested in this ELITE PLAY PRODUCTION program for a full-length play:

please email your submission to:



Please include the complete play as a .pdf,

a synopsis of the play,

the aprox. running time,

set and lighting requirements,

your contact email address,

your mailing address,

and your contact phone number.


Please put "ELITE Play Production Program" in the subject heading.

We will get back to you in a day or so as to your acceptance to this program and a budget/fee for your production!