by Patrick Sherrard

Sunday September 10 @ 3 pm

Saturday September 16 @ 9 pm

Sunday September 17 @ 8 pm


EVER RANDOM is another chapter in the RANDOM US saga. A stand alone, full length play, EVER RANDOM is about a family's struggle and journey after experiencing a great loss. Denny and Daisy had an epic love story but what happens when 'til death do us part' is just the beginning? Called profound, witty, touching and humorous, EVER RANDOM is the show to see, enjoy and carry with you always.

To make an email ticket reservation for EVER RANDOM, please fill in the form below, and we will get back to you with a ticket reservation confirmation email with directions to the theatre and a ticket confirmation code. Please bring this ticket confirmation code to the theatre where you will pay in cash and pick up your tickets.  All tickets are $20.