MRT's Fall One Act Play Competition 2013

and the recipient of the $1000 prize is: 



Congrats to Sean and his amazing director, cast and creative team! 




37 Plays compete to win a $1000 cash prize

in Manhattan Repertory Theatre's


No eating. No drinking. No clapping. No laughing. No crying. No shooting. No moving. No meaning.

1967. The summer of love. An English teacher looking to escape a dark

secret meets the enchanting Suzanne, a nostalgic flower child, fleeing her future. After an evening of dancing by the moonlight, the barriers

between strangers come crashing down.

ALBERT is visited by KATHY, a past student with whom he had an affair.  She insists on rekindling their love but how can he possibly start again without dire consequences?



The story of a burned man who, while making toast, finds the lighter side of life.

METHOD ACTOR Alexander Lazarus is world-renowned for taking his craft too far. Discover what happens as he takes an innocent couple hostage in their apartment in order to research his upcoming role. 

CLIMB THE SMALLEST MOUNTAIN is about miniature golf legend Darius “Duke” McGovern, who seems poised to win his seventh world championship – until his arch-rival finds a loophole in the rules.


All the Education in the World can't prepare a second grade teacher for the lessons her class teaches her. You think you know.  You have no idea.  Welcome to the wonderful World of teaching.

Will the death of a close friend teach Mikey how to live?

Bee shares a secret and then asks her friend Sherry for help.

After Fiona's boyfriend breaks up with her, she takes matters into her own hands.

Joe killed his mother.  By accident.  With a parade float.  What deep dark secrets will Dr. Jeffries uncover in their first therapy session in the wake of The Accident?

Egg on a Leash is a play that explores the danger of convention and routine through the affair between a man and a woman.

When Shakespeare's Juliet comes under the spell of the witches of Macbeth, Juliet must fight for her sanity or risk the ultimate price.

it was just a matter of time...

This is a story about sex, and not much else.

A beautiful young woman decides to stop waiting for Mr. Right to notice her and instead pursues her "dream date".


A medical salesman wakes up from the mother-of-all parties to discover a love-struck, uninhibited woman in his apartment who explains how he lost his money, booze, and girlfriend.

Never has one moment stirred so many different and conflicting emotions as when the ......Skyline Returns.

by Mike Fresta

Alex is finally in the spot light and she may be ready to reveal a deep secret. But when the time has come, What will she choose to reveal to her audience? 


by Katherine Jenks

Do they even let girls into West Point?

In Bernard’s business, it pays to be professional. No slip-ups, no guesswork and no one gets hurt. So babysitting at 60 miles an hour is not good for anyone’s health.

"THE IN-BETWEEN" tells the story of a young man that is desperately trying to escape the tragedy that surrounds him as he continues the work that he inherited.

A typical family in a typical room: between the TV, the computer and the cell phone, something is lost. Then the storm hits. What happens when all lights go out?

THUS THEY WAIT chronicles the conversation of two men who meet unexpectedly after a night out. 

A newly successful young writer must confront the loves in his life - both real and imagined.

In the summer of 2002, a young couple--married before they were ready and with an infant in tow--go for a late summer barbecue at the intimidatingly posh apartment of her former college fling.

"Inconsistencies" is a short play about the end of love, feverishly recollected.

"FanChick" brings you backstage after a rock concert to meet the hottest young pop star... who has been acting out against authorities and fans.  Can one young fan change who he is, or will he change the way she looks at pop culture.

GUNPOINT examines the space between two desperate muggers, where trust and betrayal both lurk around street corners in the night.

An argument between a couple takes a serious turn when a secret is revealed, putting the relationship to the ultimate test.

On a cold Chicago rooftop, roommates Lisa and Gwen spend the night trying to decompress after a life-changing event in this touching play about decisions, dedication, and the difference between a joke and a story.

Sun, sand, music, and gin!  Vacation is good!  So good, Gwendolyn and Cecily tumble from Victorian self-restraint headlong into modern-day pleasure.  The problem? This fun comes with a tough choice.

The United Communist States Penitentiary #69 only has three inmates. When Jennifer starts cooking for the boys, more is going to change than just the menu.


BOYD & MOLLY is about the relationship that develops between a 1920's burlesque dancer 
and a mob henchman who's taking her for a ride. But she's got a trick or two up her stocking.

The age-old battle for the remote control, as told in song and dance.

A forty-year-old son with a gun. An obese mother. A father missing a foot. And love. This dark comedy of a family dinner is anything but cliché, but so normal.

1 girl, 1 boy, fish tacos.


Written By: Jennifer Kulaya
  Starring: Michael Villastrigo as John.  


Written By: Jennifer Kulaya

Starring: Michael Villastrigo as John. 


 Audience Participation 

Written by Sean Michael Welch


Cornswallow - Jordan Gwiazdowski

Barbara - Matthew Cullinan

Burgundy - Carolyn Charpie

Mormonschantz - Jasper Lauderdale

Magnesium - Sergio Castillo

King Gobble - Andrew Dunn

Checkers - Sarah Miles

Spudsy - Kate Taney

The Usher - Cole Johnston

Audience Member - Will Clark


Directed by Jim Fagan

Assistant Director - Ali Keller


Method Actor

By Harry Asimenos



Bryen Luethy, Neil Ryan Green, Jessica Bishop, Luke Kurter, Clinton Dickey Jr. 



by Kayla Eisenberg



Dan Chen
Molly Telleckson