So we are going to try something really fun for we are a such fans of the LIP SYNC genre because it is so crazy cool and so beautifully fun for all.

On Saturday February 20 at 7 pm, we will be having a Lip Sync Contest where individuals can come and present their best Lip Sync performance and compete for a $50 prize and the esteemed title of Manhattan Rep's Lip Sync Champion!

Each contestant will be given 4 minutes or less to perform their LIP SYNC.
You can simply LIP SYNC with prerecorded music or you can bring costumes and dancers if you wish too.

You can go as far and as fun as you wish to present your LIP SYNC.

Tickets for this Lip Sync Contest will be $10 for all.

Winner will be determined by a 3, 2, 1 crowd-sourced balloting system where the audience votes: 3 for their favorite, 2 for their second favorite, and 1 for their third favorite.  At the end of the night, we will add up all the points from the audience ballots, and the Lip Sync performer with the most points will win the $50 prize and the esteemed title of Manhattan Rep's Lip Sync Champion!

Registered Lip Sync Contestants will be required to arrive at Manhattan Rep on Saturday Feb. 20 at 5 pm so we can do a quick sound check for all, go over the order and go over exactly how the contest will work.  A microphone and amp will be available if needed.

In order to register for this Lip Sync Competition, there is a $10 commitment fee, paid through our website.  You will receive an automatic response immediately and then within 24 hours, you will receive an email from us outlining all the details of this contest.

To register for this competition, there is a Non-Refundable $10 commitment fee.

Guidelines for Manhattan Rep's Lip Sync Contest

All Lip Sync presentations must be 4 minutes or less, and of course, OFF BOOK.

Each performer, if they wish can bring in up to 4 dancers.

Costumes are allowed and encouraged,  but no Feathers or Glitter are allowed for Feathers and Glitter make a mess of the theatre.

No Stage blood allowed for any reason.

No thrown ashes or dust.
No smoke machines or dry ice is allowed.  We are a small venue - the audience will choke.
No thrown or dropped water or liquids of any kind.  (Sorry Flashdance fans!)

Manhattan Rep reserves the right to strike any potentially dangerous props from your presentation if we feel there is danger for the audience. (Stage Swords, knives, umbrellas, rifles, wire hangers, pool cues, etc etc.)

All participants must treat fellow participants and management with respect and kindness.  On stage Divas in this context are fine, but disrespectful off -stage Divas will be politely asked to leave, and their non-refundable commitment fee will not be returned.

Once registered, there are no refunds of the Non-Refundable commitment fee for any reason.

To register for this LIP SYNC CONTEST - click here!