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In keeping with our mission to help artists bring their work to the New York City stage, we are now adding a YOUNG ADULT distinction to Manhattan Rep's Performance offerings.  

"I know growing up, my experience in the theatre changed my life.  Getting passionate about theatre at a young age, kept me a way from drugs and alcohol, and built my self-esteem.  As a Young Adult, there was nothing more fun and self-affirming than performing.  I could not get enough of it, and it helped me feel confident in EVERYTHING I did in my life.  If it wasn't for certain teachers who led me to the theatre who knows where I would be today." - Ken Wolf, Artistic Director, Manhattan Rep -

Our first MRT KIDS production was UNIQUE  (See above) and it was one of the most exciting and fun theatrical offerings we have ever created here due to the amazing Young Actors performing! Since then we have produced three more MRT KIDS show, and they have been awesome fun for all!