THE TALE #3 - What is "BOUNCING" Yoga?

Now I am sure a lot of you are wondering about the “BOUNCING” Yoga.  

Here is a video from 5 years ago when I was in the middle of my PEOPLE IN MY HIPS adventure. 

My hip flexors had cramped up and I was in the process of trying to release them.  On this video, I am talking through the experience documenting what happens in real time.  At about 3 minutes and 20 seconds, the real crazy “bouncing” begins.  Don’t miss it.  Even today, as I watch it, I find it quite amazing.


Often in life, when the going gets tough, people give up.

I thank God I was blessed with often ridiculous determination and the curiosity of at least 10 cats.

If you are stumped, up against a wall, confused, lost...


Get curious.

Stay curious.

Have faith.


And never give up.

Ken Wolf2 Comments