PLAY #2 - SHIVA KEN, Photo Op!

Throughout my play, THE PEOPLE IN MY HIPS, I showed real video of my condition from 3, 4, 5 and 6 years ago.

(The People in my Hips started to manifest in 2003 and I, by hook and by crook, cured myself in December 2006.)

Originally, my plan was to show one of the following Photoshopped SHIVA KEN pictures right after each video clip.

I wanted to break the DRAMA of my condition with a little humor.

I bagged that idea a week before The People in my Hips opened.  The pictures took away from the continuity of the piece.

Because I loved them so, I did present them during the pre-show as the audience was walking in.

Here are a few your viewing pleasure...

More to come in the weeks ahead ...

I just love these pics.


God bless Photoshop.  


Ken WolfComment