SOUL #1 - That Little Voice...

In each of us is a little voice that knows.  

It cuts through denial, excuses, rose-colored glasses, and rationalizations.

When we listen to this little voice that knows, we find solutions to life's most perplexing problems and predicaments. 

When I was truly lost, not knowing what the hell was going on with me and my body.  When I had unexplained feelings, unexpected muscle cramps and bizarre physical manifestations of my abusive past, manifesting in the present moment - while all this insanity was right here staring at me, leering at me in the face, I would go inside and listen.  I would listen to that voice inside that knew I would be ok, the voice inside that would lead me to a solution, a resolution, a denouement.

Just about at the end of my play I spoke these lines:

“There is a sense of peace, a sense of calm in me now, knowing that no matter what happens to me in life, there is a still strong voice inside me,

call it my soul,

call it my true self,

or call it God,

but no matter what you call it, I know now this voice will always be there to guide me, take care of me, and carry me through any and all adversity.”


Discovering this still strong voice inside me was the gift of The People in my Hips.

Ken WolfComment