THE TALE #6 - SHAKING YOGA with Douglass...

The saving grace throughout my People in my Hips adventure was Douglass.  


While I was:


cramping up, 

feeling paranoid, 

challenging suicidal thoughts, 

channeling in a bizarre child part of me who lived in my left hip,

going to doctors,

making video journals, 

videotaping churches, 

getting super heroes to help me,

interviewing my mother on tape to discover the mysteries of my childhood, 

dealing with “The Dark Man” in my right hip

and hiding all this craziness from my friends and family, 

(more on all of this in the weeks to come) 


Douglass was there.  Present, compassionate and strong. 


We would meet at least once a week, and he would quietly watch me bounce and cry during yoga, and, like two YOGA scientists, we would experiment and explore different positions and Asanas in a quest to release the crazy unknown energy in my body.  Sometimes when I was all locked up and in the thick of it my unknown physical malady, Douglass would simply manipulate my body into different stretches as I wept.  And it was incredibly healing, maybe not on the physical plane, but in my emotional world, I was being divinely cared for by a man.  I was savagely beaten by my father, but in Yoga with Douglass I felt safe, and in that safety sparked the beginning of my greatest healing, the ability to feel safe with and cared for by a man.  

Here is a video of some of our amazing Yoga adventures together.



I found this quote in a book of therapy short stories, and I think it applies here.


“In therapy, it’s not what you do with a client , it is how you are.

It’s the relationship that heals, the relationship.”


Thank you, Douglass.

Ken WolfComment