The Tale #8 - Here goes...

Here is a video journal that takes place about 4 months after the last "THE TALE" entry.  I will fill you in as to what happened during those four months in the weeks to come.

On this video, you will see the manifestation of The PTSD or The Yoga Energy (Kundalini) or the Psychotic Break or whatever you would like to call it so that you can make sense out of this.

This is not fun, ...but it is interesting.

Frankly, as I mentioned yesterday, I am a bit scared to post this. Revealing how I was, revealing my "secret"condition on the internet might frighten some people I know, and they may head for the hills out of my life...



But the truth of the matter is this:

I have healed from this affliction and this information that this type of thing happens needs to get out into the general public.  Years ago, when I was in the whirlwind of all this. I made a commitment to cure myself and then help others with similar issues, and that commitment kept me from despair, from checking into a mental hospital, and from medicating myself with drugs or alcohol.  And ultimately, it was responsible for my healing.

How can I not share my story and what I have learned - "unattractive" video and all?

How many people do you think are experiencing somatic symptoms similar to these, and are AFRAID to talk about it?

How many people do you think are experiencing something like this and think that they are going NUTS? When what they are experiencing might simply be a somatic reaction to trauma being trapped and/or being released in their bodies.

How many people are just plain SCARED by the strange emotions coming out of their bodies, which are then named "Depression,""PTSD" "Generalized Anxiety" or "Mental Illness"?

As a culture, we do this weird thing.  We NAME everything.  We put a label on things so that we can deal better, understand things more fully and put everything into a sweet little box so that all is ok...                       


But often these sweet little boxes hide the real issues deep inside, blinding us to simple truths, keeping us in one perspective, one dimension, one idea.

This experience offered me some new perspectives and possibilities.


Let me know what YOU think.  

Feel free to comment below.  

Please know that I bleeped some of the language in this video to keep it "YouTube acceptable."


Here goes... 

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