Insight #2 - Distorted Reality, Anyone?

This is a really important distinction for individuals who suffer from depression or anxiety.  

And it is also important for individuals who are simply... alive.

My belief is that at least 80% (If not more) of depression and anxiety stems from old emotions coming out of our bodies which we then “assign” to our reality or “label”.


Let’s say that we are feeling “depressed”   Since we are unaware that this feeling is old and is coming out of our bodies, to make sense out of it all, we will “assign” this feeling to:

Our financial situation: My job/my income depresses me.

Our primary relationship situation: My boyfriend/girlfriend makes me feel sad.  Or being in a relationship makes me feel sad.  I need (freedom/more love/greater intimacy Etc. Etc.)

Our parents: My mother makes me feel depressed.  They brought me up so I would feel this way.

Our health/body: This extra 15 lbs depresses me.  If only I was taller.

And on and on.


And if we can’t assign these feelings coming from our bodies to something out there, we will then “label” them.

I have “Anxiety Attacks.”

I have a “Depression” problem.

I have “Anger Management Issues.”  

I have “People in my Hips!”

And then, once labeled, we believe in them, and often go about making them real. 


I had a unique opportunity when “The People in my Hips” emerged.  Yes, I most definitely labeled my condition which didn’t help much, but because these “emotions” arose during Yoga, I knew that these feelings were not “present-based”.  I knew they were from the past.  Therefore, when “Suicidal Feelings” arose.  I would “witness” them and then say to myself:

“Wow, look at that! Suicidal Feelings!  This is definitely not “present-based”. Why would I want to do that?” 

And I would not “assign” them to my present day reality.

Thank God!

I was able to listen to my soul.  Who I really am, versus, believing old emotions and old thoughts.  I was able to ZOOM out from these old feelings (most of the time) and watch as the old emotions arose out of my body and my hips.  My commitment to tell this tale was instrumental in this process.  It made me “self-aware” which ultimately saved me from being a victim of very old and very nasty feelings.

I think we do this all the time in life.  Events trigger dramatic emotions in us, or old dramatic feelings are just processing out, and we then create a REALITY around these emotions to justify them, or we label them as an “affliction,” a “condition” or “mental illness.”  

And by doing this, sometimes we create a entire belief system based on “OLD STUFF,” not one based on what is really here and now.

Our glasses not only become rose colored, they become distorted, and as the old adage goes “Seeing is believing!”

So we believe in a “Distorted Reality” and it becomes real…


I invite you to try “zooming” out when emotions arise. 

Listen to that still, strong voice inside.

Be here now. 

Challenge your dramatic emotions. 


Listen to your soul. 

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