Nothing to hide...


So is LIVE!  I just linked the domain name to the site.  The technical bibble babble is over and now it's time to connect.

My fear from the other day has shifted, not totally gone, just a dark shadow in the corner of the room now, a reminder of my past, my struggle, not a harbinger of the future.  My soul, that little voice inside me that guided me through the mystery and pain of my condition years ago, now creates my future.  I know I will never go back there.

There is this weird sense of peace in me tonight, like this WEBSITE is the RIGHT thing.  Yes, some folk will run from me again, especially when they see the "CRAZY" videos I will be posting, but I hid so much during my "People in my Hips" journey.... and I can't now, and the truth of the matter is:  

I have nothing to hide. 

I simply have a heroic tale that needs to be told.

And maybe, if people hear my story, they will stop hiding too.


Here is an "unattractive" video. (Since I am in the "Nothing to Hide" mode.)  It is a clip from a therapy session a little over 4 years ago with Dr. Freud as I communicate with "BABY KEN."  (Please excuse the promo for my play that appears after the 60 second clip - I posted this clip to YouTube back when I was performing in my play and I popped on that promo to get the word out.)

I think from this clip, you will be able to see what I was up against.  

So NOT fun!



When I was in the midst of The People in my Hips, I worked at least once a week with an incredibly talented Yogi by the name of Douglass Stewart. Together, we tried to figure out a way to physically release the wacky energy that was bouncing around in my body.  

When we met there was no agenda other than to EXPLORE.

Douglass would begin us in one place, I would then intuit we go here and after that, he would lead us somewhere else.  In our NOT KNOWING, and by simply showing up together, we experienced incredible Yoga. Not picture book pretty Yoga that one might see on a DVD, but raw real yoga about experiencing what is. 

If only we could experience our life OFF the mat like that.

I will be posting some cool video of our Yoga together soon.  And of course, more videos with Dr. Freud, some wild video journals I made during that wacky time and more.

I am so excited about this blog and this process! is LIVE!

Tell your friends.  

Let's explore.

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