The Tale #2 - The Oprah Motivation

When I was in the midst of "The People in my Hips," I made a commitment on one of my video journals that I would get on the Oprah Show and help people with similar issues.  I then made this commitment again and again and again on a myriad of video journals for the next 3 years.

Follows is a video with some of these "Oprah Motivation" moments:

This video is kinda funny, but it is also sad and disturbing, but ultimately to me, my repeated video declarations over the years kept me present and focused on healing my condition, so I view this video and my repeated declarations as heroic.  

I always wanted a Super Power.  Determination is mine.


(This was a promo video for my play so please excuse the promo at the end of the video.)


If you know Oprah, please refer her to this website.


I am still determined. 


Ken WolfComment