Insight # 2: What can you use as contrast?


Whenever I “Facebook Status” or “Twitter” something like:

“What a great day to be alive.  It is all good.”

Or “Happy as a clam!”

I alway get people responding back:

 “How do you do it?  You are always so upbeat.”

“Can you give me some of that?”


Well, here it is…

Years ago, I used to “pretend” to be happy, or “pretend” to be upbeat, to look motivational or cool or different as I negotiated through life.

 Now, … I’m just happy.  

Anything “bad” that happens in my life, I simply weight it against living with a displaced child self in my hip.  Living with a displaced child self in your hip is NOT FUN.  So if I use ‘displaced child self living in hip’ as contrast, and look at what really is in this present moment in time, how can I not be happy?  Yes, there is aggravation in this life, and yeah, I get annoyed at times, but now, I can zoom out almost immediately, look at it all from a distance, contrast it with ‘displaced child self living in hip’, and then, I find a bright side, or a learning to it.

And I know I can handle whatever comes my way in life now.  It may not be fun for life can sometimes be CHAOS, but outside events cannot steal my happiness anymore.  They can’t.  

Yes, there are events in life which are sad, and for anyone who knows me or saw my show The People in my Hips, I am the first one to cry.

But crying is just crying, just emotion.  It has no bearing on my happiness. 

And neither does my past.  Whatever happened there, happened,

And it’s over.  It is in the past.

I am so so happy to simply be alive, ALONE in my body, healthy and fit, in this amazing world we live in, and because of my People in my Hips experience, somehow I am more at home with me, with who I really am.  

Here and now.


Go figure.

Ken WolfComment