The Tale #24 - Seeking Hidden Memories with Baby Ken!

Memory is a funny thing.  Often, it shows up to prove our point.  

But is what it tells us real? 


I wish I knew.


Follows is a video journal from a little bit before I went to the church (See my last post THE TALE #23).

I am starting to remember "things," and my displaced child-self (where did I ever get that term?) BABY KEN appears when I start to talk about it all. 

Presently, I am trying to remember the sequence of events of my People in the Hips journey.  As I go thru the videos for this blog, I am discovering some new events, some surprise sequencing that I had forgotten.

Also,  I am seeing myself in a really messed up place trying to be so upbeat, and all I can say is "GOD BLESS MY DETERMINATION!!!!!!!!" I have a wacky child self in me talking to me and causing my body to jump around, and I am simply exploring it all.

Thank God I had the guts to explore.  It is why I am writing this, whole, happy and really centered, 6 years later.

I edited out some of the language (for YOUTUBE friendliness and to make it more palpable for me and my audience) and the names in this video have been changed for respect and privacy.

But that's me. The Yoga Scientist trying to figure it all out.


If I can leave you all with just one thing, it is this...


Trust your gut, not your feelings, when you are challenged.  

Never give up, explore, stay curious.

There is always a solution.   It just may take a while to find it.

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