So Oprah announced on Friday that she would be saying Good bye to her show in 2011.  All of a sudden, I have fire under my ass.  I made a commitment to myself many moons ago when I was all screwed up with my People in my Hips "condition" that I would figure out a way to cure myself and then get on Oprah to get the word out and to help people with similar problems.  


To be honest, if I never get on The Oprah Show, that's fine.  There are other ways to get the word out about what I discovered during my People in my Hips days.  Oprah is not the only mechanism for my message.

But the truth of the matter is this:

It would be really cool to make that happen.  Being on Oprah with this tale, honestly, would be a dream come true.  To simply sit with her on her show and talk about my adventures and how what I learned can help lots of people world wide.  I gotta go for it.

Last April, I did a radio interview with Lise Avery of Anything Goes, Internationally Syndicated Radio about my show and my "People in my Hips" journey.  It was one of the most exciting moments in my life, for I felt I was getting my message out in a new and exciting way.  Just last Wednesday, I finally got a audio copy of the interview.  I wept as I listened.  It was so clear to me that speaking about this experience in whatever format is my path.  I sounded empowered, centered, passionate and so alive.

So I am going to make this happen, Oprah and then the world.  Most individuals are stuck in their own thinking, trapped in their own feelings.  I was given a gift that said so strongly "YOU ARE NOT YOUR FEELINGS." and now as I come to live my life knowing that, living that, there is a sense of wonder and possibility in most things that I do now.

So even if I never sit with Oprah, I have to say her essence, her possibility, has lead me down this road to sharing this tale on a larger scale.

And I am just beginning.

OPRAH, we are going to get there!  Absolutely.

Ken WolfComment