THE TALE #15 - Talking with my HIPS - Video!

Here is the video from that fateful day, September 22, 2003 where I sat down, turned on the video camera, and had a one on one conversation with my hips.  This footage to me is very disturbing, and I am sure you will find it disturbing too.  When I view it, I am still amazed that this really happened to me, that I was truly caught up in this crazy journey where my body had a mind of its own.  6 years later, it is all like a dream now, a faded nightmare of my past.  

The blinders of my painful childhood have been lifted because of my PEOPLE IN MY HIPS experience.

I am not stuck in the pain which I couldn't see.  I'm free - not completely, I still have a pinky toe mired in the mud of my childhood, but so much of my life now is calm, safe and peaceful.  

My unconscious mind had a colonic.  

I'm not scared really of anything anymore.  Yes, I can get frightened, or startled but I know now that no matter what happens to me in life ...


Having expressed that, here is a really scary video which shows my first communication with "that part of me" emanating from my hips.


Ken WolfComment