THE TALE #16 - What do I do now?

So, as you saw in the video in my previous post, my body was bouncing around by itself, and I was communicating with some bizarre "child-self" living in my hips.

So what do I do now? Who could I tell about this? My legs and my body were bouncing around and I wasn't even doing YOGA! To be totally honest, despite my curious nature, I don't think I have ever been more scared in my life.

This was MENTAL INSTITUTION stuff. There was two of me living in me. Something needed to be done.

So what did I do? I continued to delve, explore, go where I really shouldn't have been going.

This whole experience was SO outside of my belief system as to what was possible.

How is my body moving of it's own accord? What the hell is splitting off in me? And the most frightening piece, WHAT HAPPENED TO ME as a young child, and why is my body choosing this time (at age 45) to tell me.

This was something out of a bad Sci-Fi flick.

The brutally beaten chld-self is taking over the Personal Trainer's body to seek out and murder his abuser, dragging said Personal Trainer along for the ride.

(You will see as this story unfolds, there just might be some truth to this...)

Oh God, I just wanted to be a Yoga instructor...


Just a note: If you feel I am being tongue and cheek here and possibly poorly humorous, I just want to be clear that that is my coping mechanism. Humor is one of the things that helped me through this heinous time in my life. Please excuse my humor if it offends you, since we are dealing with some VERY SERIOUS ISSUES.

But I'm sorry. I can't go to the Dark Side, not today, not now, not after all I have gone through.

Ken WolfComment