THE TALE #17 - Yelling at my Hips!

Here is a video diary which I filmed in September 2003 when I was in the middle of all of this madness.

Again, this is not flattering, but in this video diary you can see how the emotions are coming out of me in a … shall we say…volatile manner.  Part of my anger stems from my fear and frustration in dealing with this issue, and part of the emotion stems from the STUFF coming out in my body.  So please forgive my unattractive outbursts. I was just trying to figure all of this out.


This is a perfect example of one my video diary entries. 

I am talking to the camera to document my crazy process,

      for this moment NOW,

                                   sharing this story after I have cured myself.

Wow, the power of intention.  Go figure.


It's inspiring and disturbing for me to view myself back then.  I'm inspired by my courageousness in trying to figure out a solution, and I am saddened and disturbed to see myself back then when I was in a place where I was totally lost, frantically holding on to some future date where I would share this story and hopefully help others with this information.

I am so happy to be here now, living alone in my body, cramp free sharing this tale.


Please tell your friends.


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