INSIGHT #4 - Kundalini Yoga Awakening?

Yesterday I received a comment on this site from a gentleman named Leo.

Hi Ken,

I suppose you have had a whole bunch of people tell you that your experiences are classic Kundalini yoga awakening.  Not that I am saying that that is what happened, although your experience is very similar to people who have.  If you haven’t read about this form of yoga, try googling “Kundalini yoga.”


Now I would love to be able to say that I have had a KUNDALINI YOGA AWAKENING.  It sounds cool. 

Like real cool Enlightened Yogi stuff

And who knows maybe I can write a book about it?



The truth is: I really haven’t defined what happened to me.  I have documented it.  Called it a bunch of names Yogic and Psychological in context but I don’t really know what it was.  A PSYCHOTIC BREAK?  A KUNDALINI YOGA AWAKENING?  Maybe the same thing.  It would be interesting to compare the symptom of traditional “Mental Illness” with the characteristics of “Kundalini Yoga Awakening.” 

Let me google “Kundalini Yoga Awakening.”


OK, here is some of what I found: 



Tingling in the body and brain.  Flushes of energy.  Fluttering or twitching of mucles.  Pinching and burning in various regions of the body.

Negative: Pain in the lower back, back of the neck and headaches.



Of the above mentioned methods, the last one is said to be the most important. Trying to awaken your Kundalini by force and without the aid of a guru can be dangerous. This can result in some symptoms such as: 

  • mental confusion
  • headache or the feeling of something heavy in your head
  • psychosis
  • intense mood swings
  • epilepsy or other involuntary body movements
  • stress
  • depression
  • irregular breathing
  • immoral behavior

Therefore, the Kundalini must never be awakened by force. Like a real snake, it can and will strike you if you provoke it. And like a professional snake handler, the guru will guide you on how to tame this snake and deal with it properly. 

Perhaps it is because of the things mentioned here that Kundalini Yoga has come to be called the most powerful Yoga ever known. Some even call it as the mother of all Styles of Yoga. Its effects can be very powerful and beneficial, but can also be vicious if not handled correctly. 


Wow! My symptons are pretty similar: Pain in the lower back, back of the neck. Pinching or burning in various regions of the body.  Mental confusion, psychosis, epilepsy or other involuntary body movements.

I wasn’t practicing Kundalini Yoga.  But I was diving into the energy, forcing a solution or a resolution, awakening the KUNDALINIORAWHATEVERITWAS by force?

It was rising in me, from my base chakra, and I had no idea what it was so it wasn’t properly focused, or released, or organized or contained.

It’s like I had A KUNDALINI YOGA FART.  A Blast from my past of really bad stuff right out of my base chakra and into my body, where it became trapped, stagnant, stuck.

I can remember feeling the energy sometimes flowing around my lower back, up, down, left, right, stuck there or moving with pain from right to left in a minutes time.

So how did I release it?  Was it the physical work over time with Douglass and my discoveries with the roller? (more on the roller in the future.) Or was it the psychotherapy?  Or did it just dissipate over time.  Or is that snake mentioned above, STILL TRAPPED IN MY BODY WAITING TO STRIKE?


I am not ready to go any of these places.  If it was "KUNDALIN YOGA AMAKENING," could “Mental Illness” also be classified as “KUNDALINI YOGA AWAKENING?”  Remember I was having conversations with a dis-placed child self living in my left hip. Is this “Kundalini Yoga Awakening” or “Mental Illness” or both?

But I am curious.  I need to know more.  Labeling may not necessarily help me here, but more knowledge unbridled by labels could illuminate more.

I really have transformed from my experience of THE PEOPLE IN MY HIPS.  I am not as attached to my emotions or my drama and I really like myself and who I am.  

Was the Yoga responsible for my transformation, or was it a year in intensive therapy, or both?


Let’s explore.  Let’s bag the labels - Yogic, psychological or otherwise.



So many possibilities. 

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