INSIGHT #6 - Holiday Enlightenment

It is Christmas eve 2009.  It has been exactly 3 years since I had my “THERAPEUTIC BURP” that literally cured me of The People in my Hips.

I didn’t think about it until I started writing this blog just now. 

Three years of People in the Hips FREE-NESS. It is probably the best Christmas present I could ever ask for.

This past Tuesday I decided I would start training my leg rigorously to help with a slight knee tracking problem I experience with my left knee.  For the first time in ages I used the leg press machine at the Gym to specifically strengthen one of the muscles in my left quad to help the knee perform correctly.  I didn’t use too much weight, I thought, but last night I started to feel pain in my right right hip similar to pain that I had experienced during my People in my Hips sojourn.  I ignored it.  This morning I woke up and it really HURT.  

I got up, took a hot bath, grabbed my styrofoam roller and rolled out on my quads, back, hips and solar plexus and I am feeling much better. 

But THE PEOPLE IN MY HIPS DEMON from the past, reared it’s ugly head. 

No, my condition is not re-manifesting.  I am experiencing some over use tightness from my new leg training.  But for a second or two this morning I was scared.  Scared that I would soon be bouncing into that familiar land where my past becomes my present and where my hips spass out.  I mean it is CHRISTMAS EVE, and CHRISTMAS EVE is loaded, a fiery smoking gun from my past filled with….terror.  And even now, so many years later, I am not totally sure what that Christmas terror is or was.


But there is one thing I am sure of.  This Christmas, or any Christmas The People in my Hips will not be sliding down my chimney.  My condition, whatever you may want to call it, is a manifestation of the past coming forward and living in the present in my mind and body, and I know how to keep it in the past, how to deal with energy issues in my body, how to take care of myself physically, and ultimately, how NOT to give OLD feelings from the past a FORUM to speak in the present.  For the most part, I know what an OLD feeling is, and how to let it go.  It took me years to figure it out but I have a strategy.  If THE PEOPLE IN MY HIPS appeared wrapped up under my Christmas tree, I would open the "PRESENT", and then throw that old "PRESENT" away.

My ultimate defense/offense against The People in my Hips is the belief that I CAN HANDLE IT.  Deep in the core of my being, that part of me that knows, my soul, that little voice inside, will always be there to help me, guide me and carry me through any and all adversity.  And this belief that I CAN HANDLE IT doesn’t just apply to my PTSD (or whatever I had,) it applies everywhere, to my relationships, my career, and to everything I do. 

So I embrace my tight hip today as a Christmas card reminding me of my journey and my possibilities. 

We have all had a journey fraught with incredible challenges… it is called LIFE.  And after we overcome each new challenge, we become a little stronger, a little wiser, a little less fearful and a little more of who we really are.

Life’s challenges are what lead one to ENLIGHTENMENT.  It is not the meditation or the Yoga, or this week’s self help book that will get you there.  

Stepping up to LIFE will.

LIFE is the ultimate GURU.


So on this Christmas Eve 2009, three years to the day after I cured myself of THE PEOPLE IN MY HIPS, I celebrate LIFE - the good, the bad and the ugly, and I am so grateful to be here on this planet with my friends and family, doing what I do and living the wonderful life that I live.

Have the most amazing holiday.  Thanks for reading this and for following my story.  

Please take a moment this holiday time to celebrate your journey and all of who you really are.

I wish you all good things, and a happy, healthy New Year.

Ken WolfComment