Just logged on to the Oprah Website. I have not logged on in a long time.

I was thrilled out of my mind!

They are doing a show on War-Related PTSD and they were looking for people with War-related PTSD for the show. I started to shake when I saw it (and it wasn't from my long-healed PTSD). It was so strangely kismet. I had contacted a producer on Oprah via email last year when I was doing my play about THE PEEPS and I never heard back from him. But today, I saw they are actually doing a show on PTSD! Yes, my PTSD was not WAR related but my developmental PTSD was a result of crazy war-like abusive events from my childhood. And PTSD doesn't differentiate. PTSD is when past events are suddenly represented by our body/minds as if they are happening in the present. And my insights and my story would totally work on this show.


So I submitted my information and I wrote a brief (under 2000 characters) note about my PTSD adventure.

I then emailed the producer I contacted last year, referencing the show they are producing about PTSD.

This could be it, gang. Oprah is going off the air this year. This will be the last PTSD show I'm sure.

It is now or never.

Wish me luck.

Oprah, help me out here. There are so many misconceptions about PTSD and mental illness. I can help open some eyes to new possibilities in the treatment of PTSD. And I will be a great guest, motivational, passionate and I am sure I will cry a bit, because it was my commitment to cure myself and get on your show, that actually kept me going and kept me alive despite some crazy obstacles.

Give me a call.

Ken WolfComment