NOW TODAY #12 - My Declaration of Possibility!

My Seductress PAIN came for a visit last night, slicing her way into my body with her Butcher Knife.

No matter which way I rolled or turned or positioned myself, Pain sliced my right leg again and again and again.

My little Morkie Puppy Roma, came by to watch over me. She saw Pain, kissed me and then lay by my feet to support me.

I rolled and rolled and was worried that I would push Roma off the bed by mistake so I asked her to go back with her mother in the other bedroom.  She kissed me, and complied.  Roma knows, she cares, she loves me. Incredible.

Alone with Pain, I forced myself to smile once more.  I will not succumb to the drama of her knife. I will embrace it, feel it, accept it and do what I need to do to vanquish her forever from my life.  People around me feel I have no power over this injury, and I know I HAVE ALL THE POWER.  This is my body.  I will explore, and learn, and keep doing new things until my Arch Enemy is jailed.  I will NOT believe in the negative beliefs of others.  I will wake each day, hopeful, joyful, present and I will not embrace DRAMA, or believe in fear, or negativity.  As ever, in each new moment, there is possibility. Possibility that the vertebrae will release back to it’s alignment, releasing the sciatic nerve pain, freeing me.  And there is possibility in how I move and sit and stand and sleep that will support this frightened strained vertebrae and the muscles around it so that we can move together back to balance.

So here is the scoop.  

I will believe in Possibility. No matter what happens each day. No matter how sharp PAIN’s Knife.

No matter what people say.

I will believe in Possibility, and live, learn, explore, and free myself.


There is a silver lining here.  


I just don’t see it yet.

Ken WolfComment