NowTODAY # 22 - Getting injected in the ...

So today I journeyed up to the Hospital to get a steroid injection in my ass.  Well, really my spine, but ass sounds fun.  I decided to find a way to reframe the process so I filmed with my Iphone as much of my journey as I could.  I wanted to pull it out when I had the needle in my spine when I was in the CATSCAN machine but I thought it best to simply write about it.

Here is the video.  Tomorrow when I am feeling better (I hope) I will document what happened in the waiting room when I was on the gurney, and then what happened in the operating room.  I really stepped up to the plate. There was no fear. I stayed present and I actually had fun and learned some things too.  But more on that tomorrow.

I love this video.  I hope you do too.





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