INSIGHT #9 - What is therapy?

There are so many different types of therapy and supposedly they all work.  But what does working mean?

How do we know when we are healed?  How do we know when we can leave therapy?  How do we know if we even have work to do?

For me, it was easy.  My body would cramp up with emotion and I couldn't walk.  Old parts of me isolated in my hips would talk to me.  Those are two pretty serious symptoms of mental disorder.  But they were more or less physical manifestations.

When there are no physical manifestations,  how do you know when you need help?  When you can't cope? When your life is falling apart around you?  When you are in a relationship that is causing pain?  When you are lying around all day in bed and can't move?  

So when you start coping, when your life is coming together, when your relationship doesn't cause you pain and when you are out of bed and excited, ARE YOU CURED?

Is there such a thing as a total cure when it comes to our MIND/BODY belief system?

I like to say I was cured of the People in my Hips for I no longer cramp up and I no longer talk with BABY Ken in my hips, and I intellectually no longer fear THE DARK MAN. There was an actual event where something happened (which I filmed) that caused my symptoms and my inner "friends" to go back into my past where they belong. And now, I can function throughout my life, on most days, fairly effectively.

But the PEEPS belief patterns and emotions still sit on the edge of my consciousness.  When they arise, I look at them. I notice, I get curious, and if they are really strong, I get caught up in them....but not for long.

I fear they will always be there.  There will be moments where the OLD FEELINGS will arise and I will be that young boy being so heinously abused again.

Until I come back to the present moment.  

The present moment is safe.  

If I show up in the now, it is safe.


I am older, stronger and wiser.  I know how to take care of myself.

But everyday, I need to practice being here.  When the past gets triggered, I need to look at it, not medicate it, look at, embrace it willingly from the safe place of NOW.


Yes, therapy works...


...but you have to work it.

Ken WolfComment