Completing the tale... and then filling in!

Hey Gang,

Sorry I have been away.  Lots of work commitments and other exciting adventures and I have been dealing with the last remnants of my sciatica adventure (more on that soon.)  I was thinking that I have been doing you a disservice in not finishing THE PEOPLE IN MY HIPS story for many of you have been following it since October.

So I have made a commitment to complete the story, or at least get to the ending - my discovery of how to get it out of my body, and the tale of my final adventure where I confronted my demons on video in my home town.  It is pretty wild.   I will also be updating my story in sequence for I am behind on that, and it would be nice for new readers to be able to read my tale in sequence.

After completion of the story, I will be filling in other People in the Hips events that occurred in my three years journey into physical/emotional/energetic madness.  More video (I have so much video) and also insights about ENERGY in the body, Yoga and energy, Mental illness and more.  I am still convinced that 90% of mental illness is an energy imbalance and that a huge percentage of mental illness can be cured through energy work.

Before my People in my Hips story began, I had no clue about energy and the body. I was a Personal Trainer, who practiced a little Yoga.  As I studied Yoga intensely in my Yoga Teacher Training, as you know, the energy exploded in my body and wild stuff happened.  Energy has mostly been viewed by Western medical professionals as not EXISTING.  It is time to explore energy and energy release and balancing.  It could transform our beliefs about what is possible to cure physical and mental disfunction.

"Nuff said."

So here goes:

THE FINAL WEEKS of THE PEOPLE IN MY HIPS leading toward a fateful conclusion MAY 16, 2010!!!


And then even more fun begins.


Thanks for reading!

Ken Wolf

typing at a Starbucks in Rye NY

April 30, 2010  7:07 a.m.

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